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Who do we think we are?

We are simple men with our simple problems and simple deeds.
We like XXX movies! Oh yeah, we do! And we know the problems of that people who like it the same: high prices for high quality DVDs, in order to buy some new movies one needs to go to the Video-store, some people feel embarrassment about asking advice on a good movie.
Our blog was created to give you interesting and true XXX DVD reviews. Also we give you direct links to the sites where you can download movies for the lowest prices. Of course we earn some money, working on this site, but our main purpose is to give you good advices and save your money and time. Good luck!

My job in ordinary, “normal” life is 3d graphics design. I work in a small, but prosperous company. While getting the professional experience I recognized the true mask of art. The main purpose of all the companies is to earn money, but not making a high quality products. I’m fond of porn art. It’s art indeed. When I watch an XXX movie I expect something new, fresh, vivid. And especially something, that I could have seen in the real life. I don’t like “plastic porn”, when actors just fuck each other without feelings, without expression.

I’ve never seen Lexxx Cartman in real life. We mat at the forum about sex. And while discussing some xxx movies, we’ve found that there is no any true review sites, where we could find real reviews of the movies. Everything we knew were fakes. ” Heh! No problem!”, – said Lexxx Cartman,- “We will make it ourselves!”
So, that’s the way it goes. Hope, our blog will be useful for you.

» Harry Porner, your reviewer


I’m not like Harry Porner. I don’t like lyrical style in porn. I like hard fucking, deep throating, anal penetration and so on. I’m a taxi-driver and porn is my hobby. I’ve got a big collection of private movies. It’s interesting for me to discuss and review xxx movies. I know Harry Porner long enough to say, that he’s a good friend and partner. There’s no need to say about advertisement banners. We are tired of them.

On our site you won’t find any banners. Only special category for links to the sites of our friends and partners, that we want to recommend you. We want to help you to save your money and time! So, if you are interested in the high quality DVD movies that you can download from the net, we will help you to make your choice. We are your friends, but not your consultants! See you!

» Lexxx Cartman, your reviewer