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Rhylee is a new teacher on the block. But shes been having a hard time with her new students, especially her worst Colton. He’s been disrupting the class, making loud outburst and just making her life a living hell. Well she decided enough was enough and asked him to stay after class. She was going to get to bottom of this disorderly conduct…what she didn’t expect was that she was gonna end up going down on him. Watch Rhylee get slammed proper on her desk and learn the true meaning of sexual education and student teacher relationships. She a total hottie and you wont regret staring at those lovely tits all day yourself. So Check it out!
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So I had to stay after school today…again. This time the teacher said it was because I don’t pay attention enough in class and that I’m disruptive and rude. She actually wanted to find a solution to help me resolve my lack of discipline situation. (Like I need the focus)I told her I couldn’t focus because well all I can see in front of my face are her lovely tits and her luscious round ass. I told her about all my random hard ons and the fact that watching her drives me absolutely nuts. She listened intently dispite my rampant and obscene discripitons of wanting to see her naked and plowing her on her desk. What surprised me was that she enjoyed the whole discussion it aroused her to the point that when i actually stopped talking she only replied with, “Come Fuck me.” I couldn’t believe what I just heard my heart began racing and i instantly began to feel my adrenaline pumping. I started banging her and all over the classroom until I erupted a fierce explosion of white all over her face. In the end we both learned something… Fucking in school is so fucking cool.
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Da Captain was having a hard time with school. He’s been been too busy with football practice to even care about studying about philosophies and astronomy and all that junk. His couch didn’t want to have to pull him from the big game so he made him attend a special class that focuses on teaching jocks how to get a grip on education and preparing them for the real world. What the Da Captain did know was that her methods of teaching focus primarily on riding his cock. Get ready to learn the skills to get you ahead of life. Watch this episode. There will be a test.
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This week on Sex Anonymous, we have C -lo hes been having a problem. Lately where ever he goes he is haunted by the allure of women. Their smell intoxicates him, the female form hypnotizes him and the touch of a woman stimulates all his senses. Its become almost unbearable, he can’t walk into a room with a woman present because hes tempted to fuck the shit out of her. Luckily C-lo’s friend J.T. recommended that he go see this very special sex therapist who can help him out with his dilemma. But what C-lo was surprized to find out was that not only was the therapist a hot milf, she already diagnosed a cure. She said that his problem was that he needed a sex overload and she was certified for the procedure. Check it out there will be a test.
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